At Eternal Con 2015 there will be some great perfomances happening at different times on both days! 

Saturday June 14th


11:30am  THE UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS (45 Min) (Comedy)
When four seasoned comedians realized that they could merge their love for nerd pop-culture and Stand-up, the Unlockable Characters were formed. Touring clubs and conventions all around the country, this quartet of laugh inducing ninjas revel in entertaining an audience that is often overlooked at standard venues. With a production of the utmost quality and a show specifically geared toward its varying audiences, the Unlockable Characters stand-out among its competition. Be it Anime, Comic Books, Video games or Sci-fi, these comedic scholars are well versed, despite the cost of their high school popularity.

1:15pm  REAL MEN MAKE COMICS! (Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, Billy Tucci) (45min)
Billy Tucci, Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri give it to you straight about what it takes to make and keep a career in the comic book industry. We will cover how they got started and how they are meeting the challenges of being successful in today's comic book marketplace.

2:00pm EMPIRE SABER GUILD (20min)
The Empire Saber Guild will present an original, live lightsaber show in the theater! In the show, a Jedi Master tells the story of the infamous Order 66 through a mysterious Holocron that he has brought with him into exile. But the Holocron contains a tracking device that reveals his presence to the Emperor, Darth Vader and the Emperor's dark side adepts, who are charged with hunting him down.

3:00pm  REBECCA MADER Q&A (30min)
30 minute question and answer session with the star of LOST and Once upon a Time!

In the last few years, the demographics of comics has been changing rapidly as new readers and new creators have been flooding in, leading to a new diversity of material. What led the way for this and where is it going? Join Amanda Conner, Amy Chu, JayJay Jackson and Heidi MacDonald as they examine the changing face of comics. 

5:00pm EMPIRE SABER GUILD (20min)
Repeat Performance

5:20pm  DANIEL CUDMORE Q&A (30 Min)
30 minute question and answer session with the star of X-Men: Days of Future Past!

The 2nd annual Eternal Con Costume Contest is open to all ages and skill levels. So grab your comics, toys, video game, or anime inspired costumes, and strut your stuff on the stage! This years event will be simulcast on the GIANT IMax screen for all to see! 3 Prizes and a bunch of audience prizes will be given away!


Combat Corral (Outdoor event)

Sponsored by New York Knights Combat

Heroic knights, fearsome warriors, and bold barbarians have been the subject of songs and stories for centuries. Over the past 50 years modern man has sought to bring back those legendary times through battle reenactments, historical recreation, and live-action role-playing.

Armored knights, barbarian battlers, fantasy fighters, everything in between and beyond, and those who love them, come to the Combat Corral at EternalCon!

There will be members of groups that fight in full armor with steel weapons, those that fight with padded foam, and those that fight with rattan present exhibiting and exercising their penchant for pugilistic prowess. If you belong to such a group, or have always wanted to see or be a part of one, here is your chance to have fun at EternalCon!

Members of America's medieval combat world championship team will engage in full-contact duels with steel weapons in full armor!

Two of the region's most active LARP groups, Dagorhir and Amtgard, will engage in their distinct and individual styles of combat with padded weapons!

There may be some experimental combat with hybrid rulesets as members from the various groups try their hand at each others' games and challenge each other!

There will be classes on swordfighting technique throughout the weekend so convention attendees can build up their battling skills.

Attendees will be welcome to try their hand at battling with padded weapons!

Don't miss this rare opportunity to see several different takes on medieval combat in the Combat Corral!

New York Knights is an organization that seeks to promote the medieval arts of war and peace in today's world. It provides education, entertainments, armor, and accouterments of the middle ages for all occasions.


Sunday June 15th

12:00pm The Impact of Martial Arts on Action Films (60min)
Join Action Icons Ray Park (Star Wars, GI Joe) Taimak (The Last Dragon) and Steve Cardenas (Power Rangers) as they discuss the influences of the Martial Arts on the Action genre. Dont miss this exciting Action packed panel moderated by Demetrius Angelo Founder & Executive Producer of the Urban Action Showcase and Expo!

2:00 Nicole Oliva (60min)
Eternal Con welcomes local Long Island singer Nicole Oliva to perform a Disney Cabaret for Kids Day! This performance is fun and entertaining for kids and adults alike who are fans of Disney films, cartoons, and show tunes.

3:00 NY Jedi (15min)
Jedi team members perform several choreographed Light Saber stage-combat scenes.  

4:00 Rainbow Bubble (30min)
Rainbow Bubble girls is a Teen-Young Adult all girl pop group that has their Own Original Music production and creative dance.





Throughout Sunday


  • YOUNGLING TRAINING: Light Saber practice for kids-12 and under. (approx: 45 min to 1 hour) Children are invited to join the NY-Jedi instructors to have fun and learn basic Light Saber choreography technique in this supervised training session.

  •  SABER BATTLE DEMOS: performed intermittently through the day (approx: 5-10 min each) Jedi team members perform several choreographed Light Saber stage-combat scenes. 


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